Evette Earley, Customer Service Representative

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Evette Earley, Customer service Representative

Evette Earley is a native of Southern California (West Covina, CA). She is currently attending Barstow Community College as a full-time student, fulfilling her dreams in obtaining a degree in Business Science. Upon graduation next year, May, 2016; Evette plans to continue her education by obtaining a bachelor’s degree at either Cal State San Bernardino or Parks University.  Evette is a single mother of four children (3 boys and 1 girl) with two attending college, one at UCR and the other at CSUB. Aside from being a mother she is also raising her 14 yr. old niece. One thing that Evette has always believed in is that family comes first and every child living on this earth deserves a loving, happy, and structured environment to live in and she is willing to do just that. She is also a lover of animals and believe in rescuing the strays, abused and unwanted animals. This passion for animals has been in her blood from early childhood. In her spare time she enjoys fishing, camping, cooking, laughing, cracking jokes, and spending as much time as she can with family and friends.